Virtual museum of Russian aggression.

Virtual museum of Russian aggression.



Unique nature of Crimea

Nature has always been a source of pride for the inhabitants of Crimea and a powerful attraction for guests of the peninsula. Out of the 21 natural reserves created in Ukraine, 6 are located within the peninsula. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol are home to a total of 209 sites and territories of the nature reserve infrastructure (NRI) [1]. However, the Crimean Natural Reserve is the most important one in terms of preserving the natural landscapes and the quality of life of the Crimeans.

The Crimean Nature Reserve is the largest natural territory in Crimea that provides conditions for the development and existence of the flora and fauna on the peninsula.

The reserve that goes back to the distant 1913, was transformed into a game husbandry and hunting grounds during the Soviet period. The protected status was restored on 08/08/1991, just before Ukraine regained independence [2].

The reserve includes 5 forestries and Swan Islands ornithological branch that comprises part of the wetlands of international importance Karkinitsky and Dzharylgach bays. Total area of the reserve is 44,175.5 ha [3].      

Reserve under the occupation

Shortly after the invasion and annexation, on 06/04/2014, the so-called Council of Ministers of Crimea unlawfully handed over the Crimean nature reserve for free use to the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation [4]. Later, on 09/13/2018, the government of the Russian Federation unlawfully established the Crimean National Park on the grounds of the Crimean Nature Reserve, separating the Swan Islands ornithological branch from the Crimean Reserve [5].

Незаконное понижение статуса Крымского природного заповедника до национального парка будет иметь разрушительные последствия. Согласно российскому законодательству, которое де-факто действует на временно оккупированной полуострове, на территории национального парка, в отличие от заповедной территории, разрешается организация хозяйственной и рекреационной деятельности, что значительно препятствует, а иногда делает невозможным сохранение горных заповедных лесов, животного и растительного разнообразия.


В 2019 российской оккупационной администрацией опубликован проект использования около 40% территории заповедника для хозяйственной и рекреационной деятельности [6].

Unlawful downgrading of the Crimean Natural Reserve to the status of a national park eventually will have devastating consequences. According to the Russian legislation, which is effectively enforced on the temporarily occupied peninsula, unlike in the natural reserve, it is allowed to conduct economic and recreational activities within a national park. This significantly hinders preservation measures and sometimes makes it impossible to preserve the forest, animal and floral diversity.


In 2019, the Russian occupation administration published a project for the use of about 40% of the reserve for economic and recreational activities [6].


The project implied construction within the national park of 9 visitor centers, 4 hotel compounds, as well as of the infrastructure for festivals, concerts and the like. The emergence of such a project caused a massive public outcry in the occupied territory [7].


Angry reaction from the residents of Crimea caused the authorities to approve another project on 11/13/2019. It allocated about 10% of the area for economic and recreational activities, which, however, will not save the reserve, because only 30% of the territory has retained the status of the natural reserve [8].


Now it is allowed to build tourist infrastructure facilities and museums, dump household waste, host sports events, go hunting, etc. within the territory of the reserve. The protected area, however, has been broken up into a patchwork pattern, making its gradual degradation inevitable.

Destruction of the nature on the peninsula

The Crimean Nature Reserve is not the only natural area that suffered from the occupation. For example, the Russian troops are using the Opuksky Natural Reserve for military exercises. In 2014-2019 alone, at least 89 such cases were recorded. [9]

Reserves on the southern coast of Crimea did not escape similar attention either. The area of the Yalta Mountain Forest Natural Reserve has been reduced from 14,523 to 14,459.58 hectares, that is, by 63.5 hectares [10].

On 08.04.2015, the so-called Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea issued an illegitimate order downgrading the national Nature Reserve Cape Martyan to a natural park of regional significance [11]. This reserve is the smallest (total area - 240 ha) among all on the territory of Crimea, it is also completely surrounded by local communities. Illegitimate downgrading of its status will inevitably lead to its destruction.

Another striking example of the barbaric attitude of the aggressor state to the natural heritage of the peninsula is the real estate development on the Cape Meganom natural monument. In 2020, the occupants adopted an unlawful decision on the gratuitous transfer of several land plots for the organization and hosting of the Tavrida ArtRussia festival and the construction of the Tavrida Art Residence educational center [12]. The unlawful project is being implemented within protected zone of Cape Meganom, which protects the natural monument from the influence of human activity.


The Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol initiated a number of criminal proceedings in response to systemic destruction of protected natural territories in the occupied Crimea. Deliberate destruction and damage to the listed areas and sites comprising the natural reserve infrastructure, specifically, the Crimean Natural Reserve, the ornithological branch of the Crimean Natural Reserve Swan Islands, the Yalta Mountain Forest Natural Reserve, the National Natural Reserve Cape Martyan, the Opuksky Natural Reserve; unlawful construction on the natural monument of local significance Cape Meganom are under investigation as offenses according to Part 1 of Article 252 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) [13].

Background information

Environmental offenses in Crimea

Published on 2021-09-01

Vladyslav Miroshnychenko, chief consultant Mission of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea


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